We're all missing a lot right now.

Our online-only festival is here to bring you thoughtful conversations, connection and community through great poetry. Find inspiration here to fuel what you do next.

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What's in store for this year's festival

Poetry Readings & Conversations

You will hear from 100 of the most exciting distinguished and emerging poets across genres and styles.

Community Engagement

Meet new friends in our virtual conversation rooms and take part in live Q&As with your favorite poets.


Billy Collins
Former U.S. Poet Laureate

"The most energetic, festive, and high-spirited celebration of poetry I have ever seen."

Marie Howe
Former NY State Poet Laureate

"I love the Dodge Festival....Everybody here is a poet. Some of us are in the audience and some of us seem to be on the stage, but truly it’s a community of poets."

Bestselling Novelist & Poet

“[The Festival] has been a chance for me to hear a lot of different voices: younger poets, older poets, Asian poets, Hispanic poets, a lot of the new generation, young gay voices who would have been suppressed in the past are saying things other people only dreamed of 20 years ago.”

Juan Felipe Herrera
U.S. Poet Laureate

"The Dodge Poetry Festival for me is going to my bigger home…my bigger home where I have family. We all sit together, share together, read together, laugh together and are very person and deep and creative together."

Eileen Myles
Poet & Novelist
Guggenheim Fellow

“I like the fact that the Dodge Festival refuses definition…that it’s not a convention…it seems to be something that absolutely celebrates poetry.”

Rachel Wiley
National Slam Poetry
Competition Finalist

“I love the Dodge Festival....I feel like it’s a big birthday party for poetry...”

By paying for an All-Access Pass or making a donation, you are helping the Dodge Poetry Program, a non-profit initiative, make poetry accessible to students, teachers and poetry lovers in New Jersey and around the world.

Here are some suggested donation amounts, based on the 2018 Festival Pass prices: $25, $50, $70, and $110

All of our passes include live streaming of all sessions and access to the community group discussions. Meet your new favorite poet or a like-minded friend during the festival.

Captioning will be available for all Dodge Poetry Festival Events


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We are so excited to offer community events so you can meet other attendees and poets that you love.

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